Friday, April 17, 2009

Proof is in the.... prints

Dear Peeps - what a wonderful Easter Sunday we had together- and we have proof that the Easter Bunny visited our home. - just look at those dirty paw prints he left all over mummys leather couch. what a naughty bunny. Its just as well he left those tiny easter eggs around the place for you to find.

It was delightful to hear you helping each other to find the eggs and to see that you shared them out together so it was all fair.

A lovely tradition to have a formal breakfast together - so thank you for helping me set the table and behaving so wonderfully though it.

I am very proud of you both for eeking your Easter treats out over the week. Thank you Morgan for recognising when you have had enough sugar for the day and asking to put it up high.

Miss Lilly - I know you try so hard too - and you have your parents sweet tooth something bad. its not an admirable trait and we are all working on eliminating sugar from the house and everyday life.

Thanks for supporting and being so enthusiastic about our food choices and for asking for healthy things for snacks. Mummy is having a bit of a hard time with it all at the moment.

I am looking forward to reporting back on our week of picnics and theme park visits over the school holidays.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Hugs

Dear Peeps,

We spent a gorgeous morning at the local cafe precinct. As part of their marking strategy, they hosted a ticketed Easter activity session - 2 hours - for $5 per child.

We sat and had pancakes ( kids) and coffee ( mummy) whilst exploring the goodie bag we had been given on the way in. After colouring in the pictures and solving the word puzzle you took them back to the Easter Bunny and Alice and were rewarded with some beautiful books.

I was so proud of both of you for taking part in the games they had organised. How excited were your faces when you won some of the silly races!

The balloon man made some great shaped balloons to play with and Mummy loved to watch you as you danced with the characters on the dance floor.

We are setting up our own traditions for these public holidays and I am so proud of both of you for being willing to accept other peoples beliefs, whilst happy to include the familys as well.

Thanks for being such great company when we went to the movies later on. Even though we missed the first sitting of the film - you wer eboth gracious enough to understand that we would still see it - but needed to wait. It gave us a great opportunity to watch a team practicing before thier big match in the nearby AFL field. After the film - wasn't it fun to go and sit on the side lines and watch the teams playing the game? Even the rain didn't damned anyones spirit - thanks for always seeing the fun part of the days.

I am looking forward to tommorrow - which I am sure I will have to blog about later on...!
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Friday, April 3, 2009

Special Family Moments

Dear Peeps,

I wanted to take this time to tell you that I love our special moments together. Golden times which don't have to cost money and ones that are etched into your mind forever.

A few days ago Daddy came home early from work - which was so special for all of us. You only usually see him just before you go to bed and if you are awake before 6 am - then you may have breakfast with him if you are lucky.

We have some kites which have never been flown - so we took them to the big park. One of the kits is so easy to fly - even mummy was able to get it up - with hardly any running either ( a big bonus for Mummy) I took lots of video of Lilly and Morgan flying it and making it do tricks.

I have included two special photos of that short time we had - one of Morgan running along with the kite and the other of Lilly flying it by herself.

Special moments don't cost money - but they do need to be created and celebrated.