Saturday, May 30, 2009

Under 8s Craft and activities

Dear Peeps,

This week, childcare centres and schools celebrated "Under 8s", by hosting craft and activities for the community children during school hours.

Morgans group did a little dance performance at parade - so PROUD! and then I got to shepherd 6 children under the age of 6 around the school for 2 hours - amongst hundreds of other frantic people. It was quite an interesting morning attempting to visit every stand and activity, trying to make sure everyone had a 'go' at the things they wanted.Thank you Morgan for being so considerate to others wishes and helping me find the lost kids, reminding me if I had left one behind at the lego or in the dancing area. Thanks Lilly for being so bubbly and making friends with the others and just getting in there and having fun.

Heres a picture of you two at the Box Construction area - where we made robots.

It reminded me of how little craft I now do with you both at home. Since that day I reinvigorated our craft box and have started a special project board - one for each week. A great reminder to me too of how much fun messy craft can be.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lilly Lou the dancing Queen

Dear Peeps - so proud of you especially Lilly - your first Dance concert and although you had some major costume malfunctions on stage - you kept smiling and kept dancing - go you!

For anyone who wants to see part of the show - I have captured some of it and posted it on Lillys Blog

This has lead to Morgan now wanting to dance - which I am delighted with. How wonderfully innocent and insightful kids are. Morgan 6, after going to his first dance lesson says "Why don't boys come Mummy? that was so much fun!" I will be encouraging him to dance, and go to his gymnastics classes, his football training - it all helps with the other. I couldn't be more happy with your choices.

Thank you both for keeping your options always open and taking hold of life with both hands and enjoying it.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

growing up

Dear Peeps,
I see both of you growing up so fast becoming so independent. Its hard to think that you are both so small with some of the classic things that you say and do. See LillyLou says – or check out Morgans photography.

I ‘m very proud of you both so helpful and confident in the kitchen. We made gluten free muffins – especially for Daddy. You are capable of making toast in the morning – though a few days ago I am still not sure on the choice of raspberry jam and spray cream for breakfast.

Thanks Morgan for showing your decisive nature this week and for telling me the truth even when you though you were going to get into trouble about it. It showed a real maturity in your actions.

Its so hard not to compare the two of you and I keep forgetting that you Miss Lilly are nearly 2 years younger. I’m still coming to terms with strategies to deal with our little storm cloud, passionate, furious and chaotic one moment bright sunshine and butterflies the next. I hate that it seems to be so much easier to deal with you Morgan than it is with Lilly… I fear for the teenage years.. and we haven’t even gotten out of preschool years yet.

I’m so proud of you both for marching last week at the Anzac Day parade, for asking questions about the medals you were given to wear and for giving the appropriate level of dignity needed during the ceremonies. Here is a photo of us in the park after we marched – with the medals still on ( well mine was on my coat which I had to take off – it was unseasonably warm that day)