Thursday, December 24, 2009

Competitions - who wins?

Dear Peeps, I am so proud of you both and for different reasons.

Firstly, Congratulations Miss Lilly!

We always enter lots of colouring competitions and both of you have been so lucky this year to be recognized in one and getting a prize each.

Yesterday Miss Lilly won her age groups colouring in comp at the local mall.

When Mummy got the call about it , she was so torn as what to say. Morgan had put in such alot of work with his entry and although its not to say Lilly didn't either - his heart was set on winning the big toys prize. With Lilly at 4 years old, she was still in the youngest category, Mr Morgan has bumped up into the bigger ages and competing with much older children.

Mummy decided that it would do no good, nor benifit to either of you to pad it down - or pretend this sort of thing doesn't happen all of the time. Sadly - not everyone can be a winner and Mummy doesn't agree with the whole philosophy of giving every entrant a prize. ( don't get her started on the pass the parcel fiasco)

Mummy is so proud of you Morgan, and of you Lilly. Lilys first reaction was to put her hand on Morgans and say - "I'll share all my toys and lollies with you."

Although a split second on sadness crossed your face, Morgan, you were congratulating Lilly and excited for her.

Daddy took time to talk about how competitions run and sometimes the best person - in one person mind - doens't always win - its up to the judge and what happens at the time. Its just the way of the world and its a good lesson to learn early.

Dissappointment is so hard to handle - and I am so proud of both of you for meeting it with grace and love.

Here is a picture of Miss Lilly and her Prize.

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