Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The popular vote

I am so proud you Mr Morgan.  Last week you came home and announced you wanted to nominate yourself for the school student council.

I nearly cried when you said you wanted others to respect you and see you as a big boy.  I helped you fill out your nomination form and was so delighted to hear you speak about the environments and of what teamwork and friendship meant to you.  It was hard for Mummy not to add her 2c worth - but I kept strong an only transcribed your words.

Today was the student rep vote, where all the students had to stand in front of their pods and give a speech.  I helped you prepare with prompt cards. As you are still a beginner reader, we used pictures as well to help you remember what you were going to talk about.

I am so proud that you felt you did a good job - them best you could - and that you didn't hesitate or umm or err during your talk in front of nearly 100 children.   I heard from your teacher that she was very surprised that you had nominated yourself - given that year 3s are usually the ones from the pod who do so.  She confided in me that it would be doubtful that you would be chosen by your peers. Although she didn't say it - we all know that these things are really a popularity contest. It breaks my heart to see you so eager and enthusiastic about the voting, hoping you will be chosen for the depth of what you have said; when I am steeling my heart to console you when you are not voted in.

I held a tiny glimmer of hope today when I picked you up from school and saw your beaming face. I am proud of you Morgan. Proud that despite gaining no votes, you felt you had done your best. I am still struggling to explain to you how it all works - the whole popularity vote thing....Even sadder to hear that the person they voted in you held little regard for as they weren't kind to others nor listens to people.

So well done my son. I am and always will be proud of your achievements.

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