Wednesday, January 20, 2010

AFL season - well nearly!

Dear Peeps,

Well - today heralds the beginning of the AFL season - well nearly anyway. I am so proud of the way both of you were so keen to get in and learn new skills  - despite it being hot and heaps of other kids there.

It was pure joy to watch both of you practicing and trying out the things the coaches were telling you. I was also delighted to hear you were very keen on what the Lions players were saying as well.  I have been impressed with the Brisbane Lions and their marketing and today was no different. Their season tickets are so tempting, but perhaps we might wait another year and drop big hints to family about buying them for Christmas this year huh?

I am looking forward to you, Morgan playing fixtures. Your willingness to do whatever it takes for the team will make you such a asset - you really do understand the value of team - rather than prima donnas and the limelight.

I am also very proud of you, Miss Lilly and your tenacity and focus.  I think you will surprise us all with your game.  Thank you for looking after Xander when he was so unsure with all those children about.  Your kind spirit and beautiful nature is such a blessing to me.

The photo was taken as the groups of children went to thier different stations.  Lilly is holding Xanders hand and helping him find the place.  Morgan is in the green shirt with a blue cap on in the distance and waiting ot be told where his age group is to meet.

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