Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First Day at School

Dear Peeps,

Today was Lillys first day at school - and for you Mr Morgan a new classroom and teacher as you go up into junior school to year 2.

Gosh - I can't explain how proud I was with both of you - how you Morgan looked after your little sister and did everything you could to make sure she was calm before we went.   Thank you too for breaking the rules ( I know you shouldn't have - but you were concerned about your sister) and going into the lower junior area and finding Lilly for morning tea and making sure she knew how to open her lunch box and had someone to sit with. 

Thanks for following all the things we talked about - making sure you rlunchboxes were taken out of your bag and water bottles refilled and getting out of your school uniforms without being asked.  It makes my life so much more easier.

Your enthusiasm about school is infectious - both of you - and I delight in hearing you talk about your friends and what you learnt or saw.

I wonder if I spent enough time wiht you both before you were set off into the education system, was I a good enough mum, did enough craft or skills, read to you enough?

I was ok until Miss Lillys teacher gave me a small plastic bag -  Inside the bag was  teabag, a cottonwool bud and a tissue and a note:
"Here is a little gift for you as you leave your precious one with us on the first day of school. As you hold this cotton ball in your hand, the softness will help you remember the gentle spirit of your child.  After you 've gone home and dried your tears, make yourself a cup of tea.  Put your feet  up and relax. remember that together we will work for you child to be the best we can be."

I had to say good bye quickly and go outside and cry.

I think I have done the best I can - but was it and is it enough?

love always Mummy.

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